"It killed not only the HIV virus, but every virus that was tested in the lab." ---U.C.L.A. Medical Center

How Its Made

How We Make Osoneva Silver

The process starts with Ozark Mountain water. The water is run through a purification process involving a 5 micron particulate filter, then a carbon block filter, then a Thin Film Composite reverse osmosis membrane and finally a carbon block polishing filter. All of this is only to produce the source water that is then double steam distilled until the conductivity of the water is between .5 µS and 1.5 µS. µS is the symbol for microsiemens, a measure of electrical conductivity, which translates to PPM of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

The conductivity is extremely important to the finished product. First of all, it is proof of purity in terms of conductive substances. Second, low conductivity means raised resistance of the water to the electrical current, creating a smaller particle size in the final solution. Finally most silver solutions on the market determine their parts per million (ppm) using a meter that is actually measuring the conductivity of the solution so if you start with 5 ppm and the final reading is 10 ppm, the actual amount of silver is only 5 ppm. We always take a reading before and after, then subtract the difference to determine the ppm of each batch. Each batch will be slightly different so we state the minimum amount of silver on the label. It will almost always be 1 or 2 ppm higher than stated on the label.

OK, back to the process. The ultra pure water is placed in clean mason jars and the silver rods are place in the water. Each batch is only made one or two quarts at a time. We have discovered that it is easier to control the variables with small batches. We use pure .9999 silver so there is no measurable contamination coming from the rods. I would not use Colloidal Silver made with anything less than .999 silver due to contamination with heavy metals. Also beware of systems that don’t use pure silver on both the anode and cathode.

A controlled current is applied to the rods in manner that alternates between the 2 rods minimizing any build up of silver particles on the rods and producing a nearly pure ionic solution.

The finished product is poured into cobalt blue bottles that have been rinsed with boiling distilled water and sealed with a polyseal cap and a safety seal for your peace of mind.